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Research leads to thorough understanding


Cengage Learning is an educational content and technology company. Their product, MindTap, is a web application that provides students a personalized learning experience. They wanted to make a mobile version of MindTap, but provide an experience unique from the desktop version.

My role was to plan and conduct UX research to ensure the product was focused on what user needs and to add insight and context into the design process.

Cengage Learning needed information on college student study behavior so they could make informed, research-driven decisions on what features to include in the mobile version of MindTap. First, I created a research plan to answer specific questions about student study behavior and how they integrate mobile devices into their course of study.
detail of research planA page from the research plan
The next step was writing the discussion guide. That's where "answers we need" are translated into "questions we ask". While not a script, the discussion guide is valuable for structuring interviews so we make sure to get the answers we need.
A page from the discussion guide
We interviewed a total of 22 college students from various backgrounds and schools. After analyzing all the data we got, I put the findings together in a report which contained results from the research and our recommendations for the product features.
A page from the research report