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Get on Board

Cera Solutions wanted a product that would streamline and simplify the process of document submission and oversight when onboarding employees. Working quickly, I designed the experience to be a linear questionnaire, the end of which resulted in a completed and submitted onboarding document.

I worked for just a few weeks to sketch out the overall experience and mapped the flows for two common documents completed at onboarding, the I-9 and W-4. Afterwards, a team of designers and UI engineers took it to it's completed state.

Working very quickly, I produced many sketches to design the experience. The largest challenge was to consider all the variables that exist for employees (citizenship status, identity, marital status, etc.) and still provide a consistent experience. Accounting for the myriad of choices that are possible, especially in a W-4 form, was most important.
w4 sketches
The experience from the admin side was adding employees and document review, so an HR employee needed to be able to add employees to the system and make sure their documents were filled out correctly. If so, they could mark it as "complete", otherwise they needed to be able to flag it for revision so the employee could correct it.
admin sketches
The final result is a simple, yet powerful tool that takes a lot of the tedium out of the employee onboarding process and saves time for new employees and HR professionals.
admin sketches